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Wouldn’t it be a crying shame if you knew a guy from your work was faking his injury at work so he could miss work and still claim money damages for his injuries while you still struggled through the long hot days out on the construction site? This is just one of the things that an investigator who is hired to specifically search out fraudulent claims of worker’s compensation in Columbia SC does from day to day. Their duty is to catch people in the act of doing things they shouldn’t be doing and proving that they made false claims at work about an injury. How would you like to know that your ex-buddy Joe was caught playing tackle football with his friends over the weekend even though he’s earning weekly disability checks from the company because he said he hurt his back at work? It looks as if Joe is truly “milking” as much money as possible on a false claim while enjoying a great weekend of contact sports. Joe is not the only one doing things like this around South Carolina. It’s gotten so out of hand that the laws regarding worker’s compensation in Columbia SC have had to be reformed because of this widespread problem. There are too many folks out there doing the same fraudulent acts so the laws have become strict and tough so these things don’t keep happening. Not only does the justice system have to deal with robbery, murder and other heinous crimes, they have to deal with these people committing fraud, tax evasion and other white collar crimes.